Monday, January 25, 2010

VALUE...... here take my card!

My manager, business partner and I met with our staff individually today. One of the benefits to owning a salon is being apart of the growing process of each stylist. Having the privilege to meet with each one of them, gives me great insight to there goals for the next year. While a majority of them said they'd like to build a stronger clientele, that's not what I chose to post about, I'll save that for a different time.
I would like to talk about building your value as a stylist. What's value you might ask? Well value or stock is what makes you, "YOU"....... what you've achieved thus far! Say for example you participate in a lot of photo-shoots, that should make you valuable in knowing how to dress hair with meticulous style for behind the camera and behind the chair.
Now lets say your guest in the salon loves coming to you, but they've been approached by other stylist out there. What can you do to prevent such tragedy from happening? Well, if you're a well represented stylist you should have some value/stock built up.
Here are some examples......
  • -taking classes (vidal sassoon, redken, toni & guy, matrix, etc)
  • -participating in photo-shoots
  • -charity work
  • -attending shows (ISSE, Mid West, IBS, etc)
  • -teaching classes (at schools, salons, etc)
  • -participating in fashion shows
  • -apprenticing an icon/legend, any one you look up to
  • -mentoring someone/someone mentoring you
Now that you have an understanding of value, how do you use it to your advantage? Lets use stylist A as an example. Stylist A's values include; Shoots for multiple NAHA's every year, teaching a couple classes a month, attending ISSE & Mid West beauty show each year and building hair pieces on a weekly basis. Now, what I recommend is each and every time you do something outside of the salon, I'd share it with my guest! You want to express your passion, happiness and love for the experience you had. With doing so, your guest needs to know your striving for bigger and better outside the salon on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis! Why? It builds your value and stock as a hairdresser! All I can say is build as much stock as possible. The more stock you have the more VALUABLE you are.

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