Sunday, January 24, 2010

Knowledge of product part 1

Why use product in the hair?
The easiest way to put it is: options. Hair is a fashion necessity. We don't want to wear the same clothes all the time and most people don't want to wear their hair the same way all the time either. People want options and products that expand those options.
Think about it: who hasn't gelled their hair off their face, applied a mousse for added volume, or used hairspray to hold your hair in place? Products provide variations that we wouldn't be able to achieve working with the hair in its natural state.
What do I need to think about when I select a product?
Actually, there are two things we need to think about in selecting a product: What do we put in the hair when it's wet and what should we put in the hair when it's dry? What we put in wet hair gives it its memory.
The product, or products, we use on hair when it's dry gives it its finish, its character or definition.
We always need to think about what we put in the hair at both stages. When its wet, for memory; and when it's dry for finish.
With so much selection out there, how do we choose the right product?
Granted there's a lot of selection and that's a good thing. Think about choosing color formulas within a color line.
The large selection of color gives us great options. If your target is a neutral brown we immediately eliminate all the red and blonde categories, which really helps narrow down the selection.
Similarly, if we think of styling products in categories, our choice becomes easier as well. Products are classified in two ways, first is the amount of control, from mild through medium to maximum.
Control can be broken down into a few categories: structure, shine, flexible and hairspray.

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