Monday, April 18, 2011

Color Questions, Etc!

Almost like fingerprints, no two heads are alike.

Hair differs not only in color, but in texture, form, length, weight, and style.  

With this said, Michelle Money's formula has been on a lot of your minds.  Color brands differ from brand to brand.  Such as, European to American color brands differ from level 2 to 5 (there usually 1 shade darker).  But don't worry about that cause americans usually spend there time up in the 6's to California Blonde, aka 12's ;)  off the charts people!!! BLEACH!!! 
I've attached a simple Natural hair level chart. 

Natural hair levels
  1. Black
  2. Very dark brown
  3. Dark brown
  4. Medium brown
  5. Light brown
  6. Dark blonde
  7. Medium blonde
  8. Light blonde
  9. Very light blonde
  10. Lightest blonde

Only by becoming intimately familiar with the uniqueness of each head of hair can you turn simple hairdressing into a work of art.

For my guests I use Dikson hair color!  It is a Italian based color line.  

When i color a guests hair, I take into consideration: 
  • Natural color (new growth), previous color (weather highlighted or colored)
  • Porosity (dryness from new growth to ends)
  • Damage or how compromised is the hair, this can totally alter your end result!
  • Density (fine, medium and course) they all effect/take color different! 
   So with all these things to look at, getting a successful color job can be quite challenging.  Especially if a particular goal is wanted.   

So down to the question of the month!!! What is Michelle Money's formula?

Ombre Technique
12n 20 
1TP k35 glaze on rest 

Good Luck!
Oh, and if your stylist doesn't know any of this!  Just make an appt with me! Salon # 801-463-0555

Love your hair & your hairdresser
 ...the hair whisperer



  1. Ok, I'm seriously going to make an appt with you!!! Who wouldn't want the hair whisperer to do their hair?!?! : ) I was curious what your prices are ( so I can prepare the hubby, ha!!)


  2. SO glad you did this!! I am also curious on your prices..?

  3. Ok, so my prices are as follows.

    Cut $100.00
    Color $90.00 to $250.00 (this price does not include color correction!)

    (what determines my color prices are)
    -length of hair
    -difficulty of technique
    -multiple steps

    Thanks for checking out my blog,

  4. Hey Jake,
    Stylist to Stylist,
    What level is Michelle Naturally?
    Did you use 10 Vol or K35 on her roots?
    With the 12N highlight did you lift the ends with a lightener and do the roots with the 12N?
    Your awesome for posting the formula!

  5. Hi Jake!
    Thank you for the color formula. If you can offer more details for my hairstylist in Spokane, WA, I would really appreciate it.
    Also, Michelle's hair in the movie Midway to Heaven seems more copper (orangy for lack of a better description.) I like it alot. Is this the formula for that or is there something different there?
    Thanks so much!!!