Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Disconnection Triangular Shape

Hey all, this was my periscope video I uploaded last week.  I posted my sectioning to my hair instagram @jakethompsonhair, with detailed instructions on how to achieve.

Good luck and keep the passion alive!

*ps sorry about the not great quality video...

Monday, May 11, 2015


Hi all, I would love to give you some in-depth insight to synthetic hair! 1st off styling synthetic hair requires heat, but not dry heat. Try using a steamer to form, mold, and or reshape the wig.

Hair & Photography: Jake Thompson
Make Up: Jillyn Neslen
Model: Alex Finch


Monday, August 12, 2013

Chromatic Mum-e _behind the scenes fun video

hair- Jake Thompson
makeup- Nikki Deroast
styling- Michelle Boucher
photography- Mitch Meyer
video- Kami "cakes" Christensen

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Music is an intricate part to Creating!

When it comes to creating i find music to be an essential part to a successful session.  For example: I prefer music that has a beat, underground sound, or anything that i can bob my head to as i build wigs/pieces in my studio.  

This particular mix is progressive house. Put some earbuds in, turn it up and..... Enjoy!

ps... i mix all my own mixes.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Identity Shoot 2012

For all you ADD hairdressers.... 

hair_Jake Thompson
assistants_Jeremy McDougle, Andrew Eldridge
model_Whitney Marie

Friday, August 5, 2011

NAHA 2011 Avant Garde "WINNER"

Hey folks, I wanted to share with you something that is very special to me!  I got nominated for 2 awards last April 2011.  The categories I was nominated for where Avant Garde & Fashion Forward!  The organization is NAHA, North American Hairstyling Awards.  It's the Academy Awards of hairdressing!  Know as the most prestigious photographic beauty competition in North America!  To put it into prospective they only nominated 5 hairdressers in each category in all of Canada & North America!   So having 2 nominations this year was AweSoMe!!!!!  But to come home with a winner, felt like an out of body experience!

Here is my winning collection:

Monday, April 18, 2011

Color Questions, Etc!

Almost like fingerprints, no two heads are alike.

Hair differs not only in color, but in texture, form, length, weight, and style.  

With this said, Michelle Money's formula has been on a lot of your minds.  Color brands differ from brand to brand.  Such as, European to American color brands differ from level 2 to 5 (there usually 1 shade darker).  But don't worry about that cause americans usually spend there time up in the 6's to California Blonde, aka 12's ;)  off the charts people!!! BLEACH!!! 
I've attached a simple Natural hair level chart. 

Natural hair levels
  1. Black
  2. Very dark brown
  3. Dark brown
  4. Medium brown
  5. Light brown
  6. Dark blonde
  7. Medium blonde
  8. Light blonde
  9. Very light blonde
  10. Lightest blonde

Only by becoming intimately familiar with the uniqueness of each head of hair can you turn simple hairdressing into a work of art.

For my guests I use Dikson hair color!  It is a Italian based color line.  

When i color a guests hair, I take into consideration: 
  • Natural color (new growth), previous color (weather highlighted or colored)
  • Porosity (dryness from new growth to ends)
  • Damage or how compromised is the hair, this can totally alter your end result!
  • Density (fine, medium and course) they all effect/take color different! 
   So with all these things to look at, getting a successful color job can be quite challenging.  Especially if a particular goal is wanted.   

So down to the question of the month!!! What is Michelle Money's formula?

Ombre Technique
12n 20 
1TP k35 glaze on rest 

Good Luck!
Oh, and if your stylist doesn't know any of this!  Just make an appt with me! Salon # 801-463-0555

Love your hair & your hairdresser
 ...the hair whisperer