Friday, August 27, 2010

The Secret Weapons of Seductions...

-Blondes cast you in full light, although it'll never be as shiny as darker hair.  And going to light will wash out your complexion and face.  But consider switching to a honey or Venetian blonde not only will give you a healthy glow it'll require less maintenance cause of a not so obvious root demarcation.  

Red hair is associated with romanticism and a fiery temper.  In reality, weather born with it or you color it, there is no more striking combination for fair skinned people!  When coloring red hair, it needs SHINE & DEPTH.  Color care shampoos and styling products used together are the ONLY way to preserve its fire.

Now more than ever, brunettes are standing out.  From darkest blacks to medium shades, anything goes and beauty is guaranteed.  Almost always recommended if you have a darker complexion.  It'll illuminate lighter eyes.  If you have a extremely precise cut or a stylized look consider a dark color, they go great together!  
  • brown and dark chocolate warm pale complexions
  • ash brown and copper help to tone down ruddy complexions
  • adding highlights to lighter shades will offer the look of texture

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