Saturday, July 24, 2010

Split Ends

Things that make our hair look it's best, damage it! WTF!  "over-styling weakens the hair's outer protective layer, which dries out the inner shaft."

  • Surgery: once you have them, the only way to make compromised ends disappear is to cut them, (trim at least a half inch above the damage).  Otherwise, fraying up the cuticle will happen.
  • Protein Injection: recommending protein based shampoo's and conditioners not only help build weakened hair.  They can shield against styling abuse.
  • Ride the Conditioner Train: like any ride on a train, it's going to be bumpy!  Not if your conditioners provides a smooth glide... :)  Invest in masque's and other daily conditioners that provide protection and give moisture.  You won't be disappointed!
  • Heat can Help:  Don't banish your blowdryer, curling iron or flatiron just yet.  Switch to styling products designed to work with heat, protecting it and adding conditioners to prevent damage.

If your hair is shoulder length, your roots are new but your ends are about two years old and lacking natural oils, so condition them people... and enjoy all your hair has to offer!

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