Thursday, February 4, 2010

key factors in guest-hairdresser communication

  1. Give the guest time to explain there needs and listen to what they say. Remember they have had many experiences - both positive and negative - from previous hairstyling services.
  2. Always offer clear, honest and, above all, sensitive advice. Never use too much technical or professional jargon. This will only confuse the guest's expectations and make her feel insecure.
  3. Hairdresser's communication with the guest should be:
  • Offer two to three styling options to suit hair type, hair growth pattern and guests lifestyle and personal look.
  • Offer and recommend the best hair products for preparation and aftercare. Concentrate on the essential products that will enable guests to manage their hair after leaving the salon. Healthy-hair guests are happy guests.
  • When you are cutting your guests hair for the first time, always ask her to asses how she manages her hair between salon visits. Such information could be crucial to your advice and choice of recommended style - the more emphasis on the haircut controlling the shape, the better. This priority will make your guests life hassle-free and she will thank you for that.
  • Finally, when your client is preparing to leave the salon, advise her when it would be appropriate to return for the next appointment. And remember to wish your guest farewell! Most guests appreciate this personal touch and attention to details is very important.

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