Thursday, February 4, 2010


For a guest a change might simply be the way you dry the hair or the positioning of the parting. For a hairdresser, however, a change generally consists in cutting the hair or changing the color. Sometimes a subtle change is all that's needed to modernize a particular look. Sometimes the guest is looking for a more radical approach.

How do we establish what sort of change is change?

Pictures! Pictures or magazine images can help the stylist understand what the guest likes. These should not be copied exactly, as if the style were written in stone, but they can be used to establish a lead or direction towards the guests aesthetics and lifestyle. They can help you understand how a guest perceives herself or how she would like to be perceived. These images give you a starting point to be able to discuss what the right look for your guest might be. You can then take into account the hair type, density, growth patterns and face shape to personalize the chosen images to that particular guest.

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