Sunday, January 31, 2010

Knowledge of product part 2


Consists of products whose function is to create volume and/or control. Lotions, gels and mousses fit into this category. Characteristics of a structure product is that when it's put in the hair and left to dry naturally, it results in a set look and it feels stiffer to the touch. When you brush or comb through it results in a softer touch while retaining the control. Products in the structure category tend to be applied wet. Weather you want to enhance the texture or change it will depend on how you dry the hair.

Come under a variety of names ranging from glazes to balms and even spray gels are closer to lotions. Viscosity determines if a product fits into this group. Viscosity is how much resistance to motion a substance has, in essence: how thick it is.
Keep in mind, even though they all fit into the lotion group, that doesn't mean they're exactly the same.
  • For instance, if the guest likes light hold and wants to form their hair into a shape, apply a shaping or sculpting lotion during the memory stage and allow it to dry naturally.
  • If you want to minimize curl, look for relaxing, straightening or balm in the description. These are applied during the memory stage and often contain oils as well as holding agents that keep the hair from reverting back to its original texture.
  • If the hair has a rougher feel and you'd like to smooth it, try a lotion that has a creamy texture during the memory stage, something imparting a cosmetic feel. A more cosmetic feel is most effectively communicated by comparing the feel of hair before and after conditioning. You know the feeling when you run your fingers through hair as you rinse out a conditioner.
Tend to have a thicker viscosity and provide more control to the hair. In comparison, a lotion spreads much easier than a gel. Although the majority have a heavier viscosity and are designed for medium to maximum control, there are a few in the mild range.
  • Now, if all you need is just a little grip, us a milder gel during the memory stage. When adding control to fine to medium hair these are great to blow dry with.
  • We're all familar with the term "gelled hair". This is when we added a light to liberal amount of gel during the memory stage, then comb the hair into place and let it dry naturally.
  • Although gels are typically used in the memory stage, they can be used in the finish or dry stage as well. A perfect example of this would be to control the fly-aways of ponytail. Just put a small amount on a mascara wand and comb them off the face.
Were designed to expand for easy distribution through the hair. Mousse also allow you to restyle your hair throughout the day without creating a sticky feel.
  • Less is more..... i'd recommend that you start with a golf ball size and experiment until you find the right amount of mousse that works with your individual hair type and styling needs.
  • Avoid applying mousse to dripping wet strands, blot hair to 40-60% dry to get maximum result of your mousse.

stay continued.......

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