Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Sharing is Caring:)(:

If people understand that sharing their knowledge helps them do their jobs more effectively; helps them retain their jobs; helps them in their personal development and career progression; rewards them for getting things done (not for blind sharing); and brings more personal recognition, then knowledge sharing will become a reality.
So what are the reasons to share that should motivate people? Here are a few:

¨ Knowledge is perishable. Knowledge is increasingly short-lived. If you do not make use of your knowledge then it rapidly loses its value. 
¨ Even with the low level of knowledge sharing that goes on today – if you do not make your knowledge productive than someone else with that same knowledge will. You can almost guarantee that whatever bright idea you have someone else somewhere in the organisation will be thinking along the same lines.
¨ By sharing your knowledge, you gain more then you lose. Sharing knowledge is a synergistic process – you get more out than you put in. If I share a product idea or a way of doing things with another person – then just the act of putting my idea into words or writing will help me shape and improve that idea. If I get into dialogue with the other person then I’ll benefit from their knowledge, from their unique insights and improve my ideas further.
¨ To get most things done in an organisation today requires a collaborative effort. If you try to work alone – you are likely to fail – you need not only the input from other people but their support and buy-in. Being open with them; sharing with them, helps you achieve your objectives.

by david gurteen

I was thinking about our industry and came upon this article... David gives excellent execution to sharing in the work place.  What's fantastic about sharing is the one who shares is the one who grows the most.  Start sharing your knowledge and start growing in the process.

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