Thursday, May 20, 2010

Lets talk TOOLS....

Being on the search for the perfect finishing & blow-drying brush:

  • Mason Person: the Rolls-Royce of brushes, is the greatest English classic that blends nylon and boar bristles on a rubber-cushion. (the only thing i've noticed is that the Mason brush really can't withstand heat from the blow-dryer, the bristles melt with excessive heat. Which really blows, cause your going to drop at least 100.00 plus on these brushes. But for finishing, combing out sets, and just the feeling of this brush against your scalp is amazing! Worth the money!!
  • Marilyn Monroe™ Flat Brush: is a version style Mason. The Marilyn bristles are extremely excessive heat resistant. This brush is phenomenal for extension. The only down side is the bristles are very tough, rough on the scalp. Be careful brushing along the scalp.
  • Hai Wooden Paddle Brush: is a brush that is very similar to both of the two top brushes I've mentioned. Closer to the Marilyn when talking about the heat resistance. Inbetween the Mason & Marilyn when combing/brushing along the scalp.
:You are only as good as the tools you own. Make the investment to find the perfect tool for you. These are only recommends, what works for me may not work for you. If you have or know of something better, let me know!


  1. YS-Park 109 brush is one of my "can't live without" brushes.. It is a nice vented blend of a 9 row Denman and a Vess brush.. Perfect for fringe, hairline and the perfect beveled-edge bob.

  2. Love Love Love YS-Park brushes & combs! I'll definitely have to check out the 109 brush! I'm going to do a post on YS-Park tools in a few! I'm glad you like them, cause there the best in the business... out right!

    ps Thanks for commenting Jabortnik