Sunday, March 14, 2010

Preparing your hair for the changing season

So i've noticed a few of my guest wanting change as the seasons change.
Here are a few things to mention to your guests to have a successful season change in your salon.

  • As a stylist you have the ability to recommend new shapes for your guest. During a season change your recommendation could save them countless minutes styling there lovely locks. For example, going shorter to keep the hair off there neck or having some shorter layers added around there face to keep them cooler, etc.
  • In terms of color,what might look great in one season might be dull in another. Recommending highlights to give a bona fide sun-kissed look or low-lights to enhance depth around there face and bring out features like eye-color and skin tone! Will not only make you more valuable as a stylist they will give your guest the best experience for the upcoming season change.
  • Conditioning treatments are going to be your saving grace. Recommend conditioning treatment every time they get a cut. Especially during a season change will not only save there hair, it'll make there hair have more luster and shine! At my salon we recommend treatment/cuts over the phone instead of just a cut. It gives the guest the opportunity to book that service in advance. And if they don't book in advance, i'll always recommend in person after i've felt there hair, weather chemically compromised, heat styling dry or all of the above.
  • Mention to your guest to keep there regular appointments for trims. If they don't do this already, it keeps the ends tidy while preventing the risk of split ends. 6-8 weeks is ideal, 8-10 weeks is pushing it, 10-14 weeks is not recommended but if budget is the cause then so be it, build your trust with your guest and they'll be wanting to come in more, because your the professional and that's what you'd recommend. And 3-5 weeks is great for men.

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