Saturday, March 20, 2010

If each woman is unique, so should her style be.....

From salon world to daily living.... woman should be defying there style in each moment of there life! This brings me to discuss one particular woman... Ms Gaga. Her style would seem a little progressive for the masses, but...I would have to say her extreme looks are paving the road for woman (and men) to drop the norm and try something they wouldn't think "appropriate". With this paving, she is gathering her fashion troops to dawn of a new era, woman with an attitude that are numb to society's norm. This individual style for icons can be a good thing and a bad thing.... Bjork is constantly be criticized for her extravagant style, while Gaga is not ignored in this area, brands and corporations are wanting bits and pieces of this gem to build there own brand!
With society & corporations concentrating on icons like this..... they are looking to make a dime and stamp there BRAND on it...... this brings me to some of the latest video's created by these style icons! Product placement is a huge business in movies & video's. When you watch this particular video, pay close attention to the product placement. There is Virgin Mobile phone used a couple times, Diet Coke cans used to curl her hair, a security guard has a "B" on her computer; this stands for Dr. Dre's line of headphones called "B"eats, then Gaga happens to use a Polaroid camera to shoot Beyonce, while they place a Polaroid "booth" at the end of the video. Coincidence... I think not, but very interesting!
When someone like Gaga hits it big everyone and there dog want to be associated with her... "BRANDS", help support and fund these particular artists... i'm not saying it's bad... i'm not saying it's good... it's just what happens!

Gaga and the rest of the styling woman and men of our time should keep doing what you do, creatives all over the world find inspiration in your work!
And as Tony Horton would say "Bring It".

Thanks to Tim Asay for pointing this out to me, i loved talking about it with you!

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  1. Hey,

    Said I would check your blog and I did... I met you at the Phyto event in Chicago. Just wanted to let you know... you've got amazing work. Honestly I'm so impressed. The blog alone is an inspiration.