Friday, March 12, 2010

Fine Hair Cutting & Styling Ideas

  • A short or medium hair length is ideal for fine hair types as any hair length longer than the shoulders can make the hair look quite thin.
  • Layers work really well in fine hair and over all layers will boost fullness to your locks.
  • Fringe can help to strengthen the look of your hair, especially around the sides of your face.
  • If you’ve always wanted to try short hair then give it a go. The shorter your hair, the more volume it’ll look like it has, which is a big boost for fine hair. For example: the further the length is away from the scalp the thinner it'll look, the closer to the scalp the thicker it'll appear.
  • Blunt cut hairstyles will instantly thicken fine hair. Or if your going to point cut, use a very shallow point instead of deep point cut.
  • Velcro rollers are a great hair shaping tool for fine hair as they don't need to be clipped into place and are less likely to cause damage to thin, fragile locks.
  • A diagonal hair part that starts on one side of the forehead and moves diagonally towards the center of the head will make fine hair look even on both sides of the part and create a thicker look than a traditional straight side part.

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