Thursday, February 18, 2010


Let's compare your haircare regime to your skincare regime: face - cleanse, tone, moisturize and protect, apply make-up; hair - shampoo, condition and protect, style, finish. A shampoo will gently but effectively cleanse the hair shaft, while a conditioner will moisturize your hair like a good face cream moisturizes your skin. Appropriate styling and finishing products will protect it from heat and oxidation from ultraviolet light and pollution which create dangerous free radicals. There are more benefits to following a four-step haircare regime - shampoo, condition, style, finish - than by relying on a shampoo alone.
According to my experiences few women skip a step in their skincare routine (are there still women who just use soap and water?) because modern products are designed to work together. The same is true to haircare products. Have you noticed how wonderful your hair looks when you get back from the hairdressers? He or she has put you through the full treatment of shampoo, conditioners "treatments hopefully", styling products and finishing spray? Use them regularly and your hair will become stronger, more flexible and resistant to damage. It's a cumulative effect.

frequently asked questions about shampooing.....

Q. Is shampooing regularly bad for your hair and will it fade color?
A. No, as long as you use good products that are ph-balanced and contain conditioning agents to seal the cuticle and lock in color.
Q. Why does my hair feel greasy and my scalp dry after shampooing?
A. This comes from not rinsing out products thoroughly. Always rinse the hair until it feels "squeaky clean" to the touch.
Q. Do shampoos, conditioners and styling products cause build-up and if so, what can be done?
A. Some products' ingredients can cause a build up or tolerance. This can be prevented by using a detoxifying shampoo every two weeks, which will also cleanse the hair from outside pollution.

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